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Everybody needs health insurance, but not everybody understands it. We are here to make sense of your health insurance options in the new world of Obamacare coverage. Serving San Diego, the Bay Area, and all of California.

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Potlatche Benefits has 21 years of experience in assisting small companies, like yours, offer comprehensive coverage to their employees. We have been pivotal in helping 15 life startups grow to 200 employees. It’s never too late to start planning for the eventual growth of your company and a well-designed benefits package can help you get there.

Thomas Frank

Chief Operating Officer, Practice Manager - Bayhill Equine

Octavio Jara is the only insurance broker I will ever use. He is smart as a whip and extremely knowledgeable about how various plans and legislation will impact my insurance costs. He sources the best plans and options within an organizations budget parameters and takes the time to explain small differences in certain plans and benefits I certainly would have overlooked. Most important, Octavio’s approach to customer service should win an award. He responds to all questions from employees fast and cheerfully. Until I met Octavio I didn’t really think it mattered who I used as our insurance broker. You can bet I know the difference now. If you want a broker who will treat your company’s needs like they are his own, Octavio is best of class.

Laura Ludwig

Director of Finance & Student Business Services - Presidio Graduate School

Octavio falls into the category of Super Broker. He has handled Presidio Graduate School's benefits for a long time. The reason we won't change is that Octavio provides a very high level of service. He is like having another worker in our HR Department. He is very reachable. We are lucky to have his follow-up and communication skills. He adds value at every level.

Randi Shapiro

Operations Manager - Visby

Despite being a still tiny startup, we've run into a disproportionate number of snafus with our insurance provider. Octavio ran down every issue on our behalf, persisting through indifferent customer service reps to resolve coverage and billing problems promptly. From helping us select our initial offerings to new employee onboarding to trouble-shooting, Octavio has been a knowledgeable, responsive, and capable partner, noticeably reducing the overhead of benefits administration. We're very happy with our decision to work with him: same cost as going through our payroll platform but infinitely better customer service. Thanks, Octavio!

Curtis Loo

President and Founder - Measure Education Inc.

Potlatche Benefits has been an incredibly supportive extension of our small but mighty team for many years. Octavio, owner of Potlatche Benefits, has allowed our leadership team to focus on growing our business with new employees that knew on day one that they had joined a team that valued people because of the way that he works personally with each and every new member of the team. There is no way we would be where we are today without Potlatche Benefits!

Jocelyne Feiner

Business Manager - The Craftsman Agency

Prior to working with Octavio and Potlatche Benefits, I had to be very involved in all aspects of our company’s insurance needs. Once Octavio took over as our broker, his knowledge and experience left me at ease. As an added bonus Octavio truly cares for all of his clients and gives the best advice for smart decision making.

Teresa St. John

Office Manager, APT Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

We'd like to thank you personally, Octavio, for the outstanding service you provide for APT and our employees. Aside from walking us through our annual benefits renewals, you have promptly and courteously fielded numerous questions from APT management and employees, myself included. I'm very appreciative of the fact that you always provide complete answers, explain any options and alternatives available, provide assistance and follow up to make sure we are satisfied with the result. You are, simply put, the best insurance account manager I've worked with. Thank you for making our jobs easier.

Nate Schorer

Corporate Recruiter, Revel Systems, Inc.

As a young and fast growing company, Octavio was very helpful. Employees here at the company could expect their questions or concerns to be answered promptly and knowledgeably. Octavio is personable and maintained a professional relationship with both our employees and myself. Octavio was an asset and resource for our company and would add value to any company.

Brittany Brown-Ceres

Widgetbox/Flite, Inc.

Octavio handled our account when we were with MacCorkle Insurance Services and he was so right for our team in the way he connected and supported us, we stayed with him when we ventured off on his own. Octavio is just fantastic with small teams. The way he explains and breaks down insurance jargon into English terms is his "super hero power". He's gotten to know many of my staff and met with them personally to clarify claims and insurance processes... He gets my highest recommendation, as he has become an invaluable part of my extended team.

Heather Keenan

President, Key Events

Octavio proves his value every day. In looking for an HR Specialist and a new 401K broker, my first call was to Octavio for his recommendation, hoping to find experts in those fields just as proficient as Octavio is in insurance. I really can't recommend him highly enough.

Winnie Kao

I have worked at Fortune 500 companies and startups, and Octavio is the only broker where I ever felt like I had individual, custom support for my health insurance questions. Octavio is thorough, conscientious, detailed, and he goes out of his way to help in a world where most people do the bare minimum. All I can say is that Octavio is a true professional, subject matter expert, confidant, and I would say, friend.