Like most people in the insurance industry, Octavio Jara was shanghaied into it in 1997, when he started working at Shargel & Co. as an account manager. The office was in downtown San Francisco and he worked there for 8 years, just as the first .com boom & bust was happening. There his mentor taught him the importance of providing a personal touch when being a benefits advisor to small businesses & individuals in need of qualified advice.

In 2001, that brokerage was named the Small Business Owner of the Year by the San Francisco Small Business Association and she recognized the contribution made by Octavio. By using the skills acquired at Shargel & Co., Octavio can consistently boast a 95% client retention rate. This success continued while working at other large brokerages in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eventually it became obvious that he needed to start his own brokerage.

He grew tired of working for brokers that focused on the selling of coverage and less importance on the service. As an account manager for such brokers, he found himself dealing with employers that did not understand the coverage they provided to employees. He would also assist employees that lacked a basic understanding of their coverage and how best to use it. In 2011, Octavio opened Potlatche Benefits.

  • 20+ years of experience

  • Satisfied customers

  • We help you understand

  • We make insurance fun

  • Personalized services

  • Highly responsive

"Octavio is focused on client relationships that are for the long haul which makes him a valued asset to any business management team."

- LaVergne Poe, Bookkeeper, Frantz Termite

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Potlatche Benefits, is when an employer and their employees have a better understanding of their coverage, they experience fewer issues and have more appreciation of the coverage provided. Our clients appreciate the personal touch their employees receive when enrolling in benefits or when they have issues with their coverage. Our superpower is making insurance easy to understand……..and isn’t that fun?

Octavio recently moved to the San Diego area with his beautiful wife to bring some Silicon Valley hustle to the local beaches. He is a great, big nerd that loves comic books and Marvel superhero movies. He is a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan that has no problem rooting for the local team……as long as they aren’t playing the Giants.