What We Offer

Is it time to buy a group health insurance plan? What are my options? What is the best option? How do I set up coverage? What happens after it’s set up? Does my COBRA coverage still make sense? Who can help me?!

Potlatche Benefits has 20+ years of experience with small group medical, dental, vision, life & disability coverage. Your company may not need all these lines of coverage, but you can count on Potlatche Benefits to assist in getting the coverage your employees will appreciate most. We can assist both startups and existing businesses in finding the coverage that will satisfy your employees’ needs without breaking the bank. We are also well versed in individual options.

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Startup Business

A well-structured benefits package attracts the new talent your company needs, while showing your current employees how much they are appreciated. We can help you in creating a package that can do this without going over the budget. With Potlatche Benefits as your broker, we will also take the time to educate your employees on how best to use the coverage to ensure a positive experience. Employee benefits are one of the top 5 expenses a company incurs. Let us help you create the benefits that will make it worth the expense.

Existing Business

When was the last time you reviewed the coverage & cost of your benefits? Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to see if there are better options available at a reduced cost. In our experience, there are always ways to reduce the cost of coverage by getting creative with the options offered. If your company has offered the same carriers for more than 3 years, it’s probably time for a change. Let us help you understand your options.


Most of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act apply to individuals that are not getting their health insurance through an employer.  Yet this is the group that knows the least about how to assess their options. At Potlatche Benefits we help individuals by obtaining quotes and helping them select the coverage that makes the most sense for their needs and their budget.  

We Make Insurance Fun

Don't let insurance stress you out. It can be smooth, rewarding, and yes, even fun with the right guide by your side.

We Help You Understand Insurance

Our "superpower" is putting insurance in plain English terms so you can understand your options and make it work for you.